the awkward girl

mixed media art 

by sandi rusch

 Well, how refreshingly naive I was to think I would be editing for a 'few weeks'. Many months later, many rewrites, many corrections, many wanting to scream into the void moments. 

But it's done.

My amazing editor, Nikki Busch, has returned it to me with immaculate editing. I am in awe. Her suggestions were spot on. Her constant support over the years (not to mention her patience) was priceless.

I just sent it off to my proofreader, Diane. Lots of mistakes can happen during that final editing process on my end. Even running it through 2 programs, it can still miss an incorrect word, or a blatant misspelling. Thus, proofreaders are a must.

I am brainstorming this afternoon with Jeff, because he's the best brainstormer I know. Getting all the pre-order details firmed up and enabling access here to place orders will take a couple of hours. (We'll see how far off I am like I was above)Type your paragraph here.

one of a kind handcrafted art

Coming soon! 

Yeah, yeah... I hear you saying it. Some people have been waiting 11 years to read this novel. Including me. But I made a huge effort this year to write, and I'm thrilled to say it really is finished.  I typed "The End" and promptly burst into tears.

So, now what?

Editing. Editing some more and then editing again.  I never knew what an issue commas were with me. I am a bad comma person and an old school typist so after a period my fingers automatically do 2 spaces. Apparently that's not a thing anymore. 

And after that?

It heads off to my Editor, Nikki Busch, who will catch all the mistakes I didn't catch and help me make the story enjoyable. 

In the meantime, it's cover design and blurb, formatting, and all the things I didn't think about when I started this story February 2, 2011. 

And then?

And then I publish. Summer of Sara will be available as an ebook and a paperback. 

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