she is an  awkward girl...  quirky and different and comfortable in her own skin...

she is an awkward girl. 

she was always an awkward girl, from the moment she was aware that she felt different from all the other little girls.  she never quite fit in.  she watched all the other little girls playing... but could never  get brave enough to ask if she could join.

she was ascared the other girls would say no...

as she grew up, the awkward girl continued to slide through life on the outskirts.  inside she yearned to be like the other girls.  they didn't seem awkward.  they were pretty and popular... had boyfriends, and always had someone to eat with at lunch.

the awkward girl hated lunchtime the most... she would walk through the cafeteria with her tray... looking for someone to make eye contact... but no one ever did. 

she ate alone. 

her isolation only increased her sense of awkwardness... she dreamed of joining the crowd, being one of those girls.  one of those girls who giggled in class as she passed notes to her friends, who dressed alike in their cool jeans and cute boots... who never walked alone. 

the awkward girl thought high school would last forever. 

but it didn't. 

stay tuned... the awkward girl grows up... follow her journey as she learns how her awkwardness and quirkiness end up making her who she is today... strong, brave and confident.